The label, S v o b o d a [ova] was a natural process of evolution for me. The style of the clothing is what I gravitate towards. I worked for an established South African Fashion House, Rosenwerth, where I learnt all the tricks of the trade, but always knew I would like to have my own brand where I could manifest/pursue my unique design style.

The look is clean, pure, understated, ethereal, timeless, elusive, crisp, fluid, light, transparent, transcendent, organic, sculptural. The fabrics reflect these sentiments: organic and rich, mohair, dupion silk is the only fabric with a slight sheen. Otherwise I prefer a matte palette. I use natural, white fabrics as far as possible; sometimes black. S v o b o d a [ova] is a Environmentally Conscious lifestyle brand worn by environmentally responsible people. Ethically produced on South African soil. Inspired/motivated by Japanese Design (technicality, ingenuity, minimalism). A strong Icelandic influence. Sentiment, transcendence, whiteness, peace, quiet, landscape, unspoken language.